HepvO in RV’s and camper vans

The space saving solution for your waste trap, used today by most major RV manufacturers.

Because HepvO is a waterless trap system, it performs successfully in RV’s and other moving vehicles where traps can lose their seal through movement and vibration. HepvO can be used in the following RV applications:

  • Sinks
  • Showers
  • Lavatories

The use of the HepvO waterless trap also avoids a problem of the water seal freezing, and evaporation of the water seal in warm weather or extended periods of non-use, which would lead to odors escaping the vehicle.

The HepvO is used instead of the P-Trap to protect the living space from foul odors from the grey water tank, black water tank or campground sewer system.

RV and Camper Van with Mountains

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Since our Cougar fifth wheel trailer was new, we’ve had an ongoing problem with galley tank odors creeping into the RVs living quarters. Especially after long travel days. I believe the water in the P-trap would slosh out removing the vapor barrier. So, last spring I replaced the standard P-trap in our RV kitchen sink drain with a HepvO waterless valve.

I’m happy to report the HepvO valve has totally eliminated our odor problem! My wife is most pleased. As a bonus, by removing the curved P-trap, we have gained extra storage space under the sink. Another perk to the HepvO will come if we need to winterize the rig, being a dry trap no antifreeze required.

I admit I was worried the HepvO might trap grease and food particles. So after nine months of full-time RVing and daily dishes, I took it apart and had myself a look. It was clean as a whistle in there!

The HepvO is a straightforward and inexpensive modification with big benefits.

Thumbs up from Ray at LoveYourRV.com