HepvO for infrequent use

Forget the traditional waste P-trap that dries out

Because HepvO is a waterless trap system, it is great to use in situations of infrequent use, including holiday homes, guest bathrooms and recreational vehicles (RV’s).

If the fixture is not used for an extended period, evaporation of water in the traditional P-Trap will lead to a loss of the water seal. In hot climates, with a higher risk of rapid water evaporation, this can be a particular problem, leading to odors escaping into the buildings after a relatively short period of time. Deeper P-Traps could be used, but they would require more space close to the fixture, so the HepvO sanitary waste valve with its slimline design is an ideal alternative in this situation.

In cold climates the water in a p-trap is likely to freeze, block with ice and potentially crack. The HepvO is not a water filled device, so does not suffer from these limitations. It does not require winterization by draining down or the addition of anti-freeze. It will continue to provide a barrier to sewer odor ingress, even under extreme low temperature conditions when the fixture is not being used and it will not suffer crack damage.

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