Having issues with your waste trap? See how the HepvO valve can be the perfect solution

The HepvO waste valve has been designed to be easy to install even in the tightest corners

The HepvO waste valve is a great asset to your waste installation in many applications

What people who have worked with us have to say

I’ve had a HepvO valve installed in my Airstream for several years and it is great!    No risk of freezing and I didn’t have to sacrifice any headroom in the shower.  I couldn’t be happier.

Installed valve in bathroom sink, no more odor just like advertised. Great product!

The Hepvo valve is just what we needed for the tricky plumbing in our remodeled bathroom. It has been working great for the past year. Very happy with it.

Awesome product! I’ve told several people about it.

I installed one in my kitchen sink and one in my bathroom sink, both of which are in my rv certified tiny house.

The HepVo waterless trap is amazing! Pros: stops gurgling sink noises, doubles as an air admittance valve under negative pressure, seals itself under positive pressure if there is a clog down line or, in my case, a high powered washing machine that would make my sink bubble up, easy installation requiring less piping so you gain extra under cabinet space, good for RVs or limited use sinks where traps dry up or evaporate due to climate.

We are very satisfied with these HepVo valves. Our company designs and builds tiny houses on wheels, and we use NOAH certification. Having the HepVo saves us from having waste line exhaust as well as maximises under-sink space. I plan to keep buying these for all our projects!

We are Pat and Nick owners of California Tiny House located in Fresno CA. When building tiny houses the first thing you notice is you are working with very limited space.  Plumbing, especially the waste, always consumes most of the under counter space you have available.

Since using  HepvO Waterless P-Trap not only the space required is reduced but the labor to add a P-trap and vent is eliminated.

We are an RV Certified builder and this HepvO drain is approved by the ANSI building codes. In short, we can highly recommend this product and have not had any problems since using it.

~Pat and Nick

White RV by green forested hill with mountain in the background.

Since our Cougar fifth wheel trailer was new, we’ve had an ongoing problem with galley tank odors creeping into the RVs living quarters. Especially after long travel days. I believe the water in the P-trap would slosh out removing the vapor barrier. So, last spring I replaced the standard P-trap in our RV kitchen sink drain with a HepvO waterless valve.

I’m happy to report the HepvO valve has totally eliminated our odor problem! My wife is most pleased. As a bonus, by removing the curved P-trap, we have gained extra storage space under the sink. Another perk to the HepvO will come if we need to winterize the rig, being a dry trap no antifreeze required.

I admit I was worried the HepvO might trap grease and food particles. So after nine months of full-time RVing and daily dishes, I took it apart and had myself a look. It was clean as a whistle in there!

The HepvO is a straightforward and inexpensive modification with big benefits.

Thumbs up from Ray at LoveYourRV.com

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