HepvO in the bathroom

Say goodbye to foul odors

HepvO, the sanitary waste valve can be installed in a number of bathroom applications including; Lavatories, Bath Tubs, Bidets, and Showers.

As house design becomes more complex, there is greater potential for pressure fluctuations to occur in plumbing systems. This might not sound too serious at first glance; however it can lead to the standard water seal traps fitted under sinks, basins and showers to fail.

Examples of some of the design flaws in bathrooms that can lead to pressure fluctuations include the following (which might be found for example in an adjacent bathroom and ensuite):

  • Excessive length of branch pipe from waste
  • Combined branch pipes
  • Alternative branch runs incorporating vertical drops below WC
  • Vertical drops to bath waste
  • Shallow seal traps

Water seal traps have been habitually installed by the industry for many years, however they are vulnerable if such pressure fluctuations occur. This will cause the tell-tale gurgling which indicates that siphonage is occurring in the system, and that the water seal has been broken, and foul air allowed in. As HepvO is waterless, it prevents foul air from entering a building when siphonage might have otherwise been a factor.

HepvO can be installed horizontally by using the 90 degree adapter, which avoids cutting the floor under baths and showers to accommodate the ‘U’ bend of a trap.

Traditional P-trap

With the HepvO waste valve 

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